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Essential Virtual Tools to Sell Homes Faster in 2021

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Essential Virtual Tools to Sell Homes Faster in 2021


About 50% of home buyers find their home sweet home using the internet. Another 28% use a real estate agent.

If you are not using virtual tools and digital marketing, you could miss out on potential buyers! 

In fact, over 46% of real estate agents struggle to generate high-quality leads. With COVID-19 still a threat, going virtual is more important now than ever. With the right virtual real estate tools, you can sell homes faster than your competitors this year.

Ready to discover how to speed up sales? Here are the seven virtual tools you need to succeed. With these tools, you can develop a strong digital marketing strategy for 2021.

Get started with these seven tips today!

1. 3D Tours

Remember, more homebuyers are staying home and searching for their new property online. If you still want to reach those buyers, you need every virtual tool possible. 

Buyers still want to fully explore a property before they buy it, though. In many cases, still imagery is not enough. Instead, you can use 3D tours to sell homes faster than ever.

You can develop a virtual tour based on your own technical skills and budget. You do not need specialized 3D scanning equipment, either. Instead, all you need is a professional photographer and the right program. Using a company like Hommati means that you are working with people who are skilled and equipped with the right tools to make a 3D tour that will stand out from the crowd.

Having a professional team helping you means that you do not need to worry about creating yourself, and buyers can explore every inch of a property without ever leaving their couch!

Tips for the Best 3D Tour

It is essential to work with a professional photographer through this process, though. Low-quality imagery could scare potential buyers away. Instead, you need crisp, vibrant images that can bring your properties to life.

Before you use virtual real estate tools to draw in new buyers, it is important to prioritize a strong customer experience.

If people struggle to use and navigate your 3D tours, they could get frustrated. Instead, you want to make sure they experience the property completely.

Make sure to think from the buyer's point of view. How would they explore this property? Where would they stop and stare?

Which details would they want to zoom in on?

Using a company like Hommati means that each image used in the 3D tour will have the best lighting and angles. Each room should look inviting and lived-in, not cluttered. Otherwise, the buyer might not show an interest.

Done right, a quality 3D tour can have buyers calling in no time.

2. Virtual Staging

How are you currently staging your properties? It likely takes a lot of time and money. Instead of staging a property in person, consider virtually staging each home.

Virtual staging is far cheaper than doing it on-site. You can place art on the walls, furniture in each room, and design the entire home as you would like.

Companies like Hommati offer virtual staging services and have a team of dedicated professionals to make each room look as though the furniture was there when the photos were taken. They are even able to include lighting and shadows within the room to make them even more realistic.

You will not have to pay anyone to move furniture, clean the house, or keep plants alive. Instead, you can do everything online.

Virtual Staging Tips

Before you start using virtual staging, it is important to consider each room one by one. What is the purpose of this room? What feeling do you want to convey?

Make sure each piece of furniture has a purpose in the room. Everything should come together to create an aesthetically pleasing image.

If a room looks too cluttered, get rid of a few pieces of furniture.

You can make sure each room looks clean by using the color white. Then, add a few splashes of color here or there. For example, you can pair a white couch with a pink throw pillow.

Remember to see everything from the buyer's point of view. How would you explore the home? What furniture do you expect or want to see?

Avoid cluttering each room and overthinking. Do not try to make it look too sleek, either. Instead, make sure the home looks cozy and inviting once you are done staging. Working with a company like Hommati allows you to give ideas of what you are looking for for each space, and they will be able to deliver to you your vision.

3. Drone Aerial Footage

Drones and video footage are becoming more popular virtual real estate tools as well. You can use a drone to fly over a property to get outdoor footage. 

Using drone aerial footage can set you apart from other real estate agents. You can sell homes faster by giving buyers a truly grand tour.

Instead of going out and buying a drone yourself, you can safe money and hire a professional, such as Hommati. They have drone pilots who are certified and have the skills and tools to make a drone aerial video to draw in potential buyers.

Drone Aerial Footage Tips

First, make sure to complete your staging. Help buyers imagine themselves living on that property. 

Do not forget to update the landscaping, too. You will want to clean up the yard, give the exterior a fresh coat of paint if it needs it, and remove vehicles from the driveway. 

Having a company like Hommati come out and shoot your aerial footage means that they will be able to get every angle and showcase the house in the best like possible. They will always be sure to highlight the best parts of the property.

Hommati's drone pilots can also feature nearby amenities, such as a playground, local pool, or golf course. Anything that can attract as many potential buyers as possible can be highlighted to grab people's attention.  

4. Search Engine Optimization

How are potential homebuyers finding you online? If you are not using search engine optimization (SEO), you could miss out. Consumers might never find your website (which means they will not find your 3D tours and drone footage, either).

About 93% of online activities begin with Google or another search engine. Meanwhile, 46% of all Google searches are local. If your website does not appear on Google's first page, however, you will miss out on 75% of your audience.

When you post your drone videos or 3D tours, optimize your posts for search engines. Using targeted keywords will help you appear when potential buyers search for nearby properties.

5. Social Media Marketing

Are you keeping your audience engaged and informed? You can use social media marketing to maintain their interest. Social media is one of the easiest, most cost-effective real estate tools you can use.

Post about your newest listings, share your 3D tours and show off your aerial videos. You can create teaser videos, then direct people to your website to see more.

As people comment on your posts, comment back! Let them know you are there to answer any questions.

When working with a company like Hommati, they can also help in promoting you and your listings to as many people as possible. 

6. Graphic Design

If you want to sell homes faster, you need to draw the buyer's eyes. Stunning graphic design can help you stand out from other real estate agents.

If you do not have graphic design experience, that is okay. You can use tools like Canva to create stunning designs. For example, you can create a social media post for Instagram with photos of a new listing.

7. Web Design and Development

An old, stale website could cost you potential buyers. In fact, about 38% of people leave a website because it is unappealing. 

Meanwhile, 90% of people use the internet to find local businesses, including real estate agencies.

Many of these virtual real estate tools will not help you if you do not have a place where you can share them. A stunning website can help you stand out and draw buyers in.

Make sure your website is fast and secure. If people struggle to navigate and explore, they will leave.

Consider hiring a web design team that is experienced with real estate websites. They can help you design a site with lead generation in mind. With their help, you can draw buyers in instead of scaring them off.

Sell Homes Faster in 2021: 7 Digital Marketing Virtual Tools for the Job

Want to sell homes faster than ever this year? Make sure to keep these virtual tools in mind. With these tools, you can set yourself apart from other real estate agents.

As you attract new buyers, you can boost sales and grow your agency!

Want to add 3D virtual tours, virtual staging, and drone aerial footage to your marketing strategy? Hommati has it all! Explore our services today for more information.