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Here Are the Reasons You Should Consider Tiny House Living

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Here Are the Reasons You Should Consider Tiny House Living

Have you considered a tiny house for your new home? There are many benefits over a traditional home.



Ready to buy a home? Instead of swimming in debt to buy a mansion with a pool, why not consider tiny house living?

These are smaller spaces, about as big as a trailer, but packed with everything you could ask for in a home. In that tiny space, you’ll find a sleeping corner, a kitchen, dining space, and some wiggle room to watch TV or play games.

These tiny homes are a popular craze nowadays but why would people want to trade off comfortable space and luxury for a tiny house? The truth is there are a lot of advantages to consider. Keep reading and we’ll show you how tiny house living can be the ideal lifestyle for you:

1. You're Mobile

The biggest benefit of tiny house living is the fact you can move your whole home.

Do you plan to leave for a few weeks and go camping in the distant hills or forests? You no longer worry about people breaking into your home or leaving a gas line open. You can simply hitch the tiny house to your vehicle and bring it with you.

This is also great for people always on the road, like YouTube musicians on tour. Now you can bring your home and home studio everywhere you go. You can bypass the struggle in booking expensive hotel rooms.

2. Keeps Your Mind Off Future Moves

Ever considered the difficulties of relocating? People with a normal house must figure out what to do with their property.

They’ll have to sell it or rent it out. They'll rarely let someone else, even a close relative, stay there for free.

People invest their life savings into a house. It’s more likely that they’ll want to get the money back and use it to pay for their new home.

Because you’re mobile, moving to a new city never becomes an issue. You can live wherever you want and take your home with you.

3. You Can Live Off the Grid

A tiny house has tiny energy requirements. Living in a tiny house lets you get the most out of renewable energy sources, such as solar power. It’s becoming a cheaper, more viable power source and you can take advantage of it too.

You don’t have to rely solely on solar power. You can keep it connected to the grid if you want and simply switch to solar whenever you take your tiny house out on the road.

If your tiny house generates even more power than you use, you could sell it back to the government. You could earn a decent amount of extra cash this way.

4. Financial Freedom

Did you know that the average home costs at least $200,000? That’s for a basic house! Houses in other areas can cost twice that amount and you still need to consider costs for a garage and yearly maintenance.

On the other end, tiny houses cost as much as you are willing to pay. Some might cost as low as $20,000 but you could triple that budget for more elaborate designs and home features. Even when you go extravagant, you’re still not spending as much as you would for a normal house.

Once built, you don’t have to worry about mortgage. You don’t need to worry about refinancing loans to pay off maintenance. You can focus on getting rid of credit card debt, college loan debts, and more.

Use that financial freedom! Living in a tiny house means you can save for your kids’ college tuition or to go on a lengthy vacation. Younger generations are changing the housing landscape and the tiny house movement is one big step towards these new goals and aspirations.

5. Quicker, Easier Maintenance

A smaller home demands less maintenance.

Do you need to clean the roof? You can get that job done in mere minutes now because the roof isn’t too big. This same philosophy applies to the walls and the area underneath the tiny house.

This rings true too for the interiors. You can clean one end to the other quickly and easily due to the smaller, tighter space. Most people living in tiny homes also stay away from putting up a ton of décor or appliances, meaning there isn’t much to clean and maintain.

If something breaks, it won’t cost you a fortune to repair or replace. You have fewer roof tiles to manage, fewer wall panels to maintain, and smaller floor space to keep clean and free of cracks. If you’re always moving and cleaning, you might never have to deal with mold or water buildup in the walls.

6. Declutter Your Life

You have limited space in a tiny house; therefore, you can only fit in some of your belongings. There’s no way you can store all your clothes, souvenirs, and collected belongings. A benefit of living in a tiny home is that you have no choice but to declutter.

Ever heard of the KonMari method, popularized by Marie Kondo? It involves holding onto an item and internalizing its value. If it doesn’t “spark joy” then you need to let it go, no matter how sentimental it might seem.

You can take advantage of this method and use it when moving to a tiny home. Living big in a tiny house isn’t impossible but you shouldn’t hoard in your new living space. Live big by taking advantage of the open space you have – travel with your tiny house and go on an adventure!

7. You Can Get Back to Nature

Switching to solar power already helps the environment but you can do more. Tiny houses require fewer materials to build, meaning fewer trees to cut down for wood. Simply moving into a tiny house significantly reduces your carbon imprint.

The very nature of a tiny house makes it viable for camping trips and long stays in the wilderness. You don’t need to rent a cabin in the woods because you can bring your home!

This opens a ton of opportunities, especially for families with young kids. You can go on a road trip and stay close to nature while keeping the comfort of living in your tiny home. This beats staying in a hotel room or rented cabin.

8. Become Energy-Efficient

Does it feel too hot in your tiny house? With the right tiny house plans, you can customize your home to make it easy to open the walls and get a fresh breeze inside. You’re dealing with a smaller space, making it easier to deal with warm and cold temperatures without the needs of an expensive HVAC system.

You also need smaller and fewer appliances to accomplish basic tasks. A tiny house requires a tiny water heater and less interior lighting. Everything you own and use won’t go to waste in a house like this.

Some argue that heating is a problem, especially if you live up north where winter can get brutal. That’s not the case, however. Keep in mind that the tiny space means a basic heater, powered by a solar panel, can get quickly warm up your home back to a comfortable temperature.

Are you a fan of television shows that highlight amazing home designs? You can use some of those designs to make your tiny home even more energy-efficient. You could, for example, let a portion of your tiny home slide open, letting in as much as sunshine as you could ask for.

9. Intimate Living Space

Ever tried living in a big house? It can seem fun at first, but the large space and messy clutter also create a void between the people living in that home. There could be days where you don’t interact with your spouse or your kids as everyone spends time in their rooms, separate from the others.

Tiny house living eliminates this problem. There are no “rooms” and separate halls. Everyone shares the same, small living space. It’s almost impossible to not interact with one another in this type of home and that’s great!

Now you can enjoy some intimacy with your family. You can spend more time with your spouse, you can interact more with your kids, and everyone gets to spend mealtime with one another.

10. Eliminates Stress

Kick back and relax. Take your tiny house to the mountains or the woods, away from the bustle of life, and destress. With a tiny house, it’s not difficult to get away from all the things that bother you since your home is a mobile living space.

Even for tiny homes not on wheels, the mere fact that everything is within reach helps clear the mind. There’s also less clutter and fewer things to worry about. This all helps you sleep better and fight off migraines associated with clutter or too much work.

Consider Tiny House Living!

Who wouldn’t consider tiny house living? You have fewer expenses to stress over, less clutter, more intimate time with family, and you have total freedom to pick up your home and go wherever you please. It’s the ideal choice!

Still saving money to even consider building or buying a tiny home? Don’t worry, we’ve got a guide for that right here. Don’t hesitate to check it out or our other articles today.