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Industry Secrets on Taking Good Real Estate Photos

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Industry Secrets on Taking Good Real Estate Photos

Did you know that over 90% of buyers begin their search for homes online?

Getting high-quality real estate photos when you list homes for sale can lead to more interest and give people a good idea of what the house looks like without seeing it in person.

If you're an agent who wants to do it all, learning how to spot professional real estate photos is crucial. With a few quick tips, you can take your photos from good to great. So keep reading to learn exactly what you need to do!

Ask for Multiple Angles of Each Room

It's almost impossible to get an accurate picture of a room's appearance when you only take one picture of it. As a result, important features might get left out of the photo and leave the prospective buyer without an accurate idea of the property.

Real estate photographers almost always shoot multiple views of a room to give people looking at the photos a complete view. Try making sure the photographer you work with gets photos from each corner of the room, so you have multiple shots to choose from.

While photographers know the best way to take pictures of a house, letting them know specific requests you have helps make things easier on everyone.

Declutter Before the Shoot Begins

No one wants to look through pictures of a house and see nothing but clutter. It's distracting and can make a home appear much less attractive than it is.

While the homeowner should do most of the heavy lifting in this department, you can take the time to declutter or arrange things a specific way before the photographer arrives. For example, removing some photos off a nightstand or moving a trashcan out of the way can lead to better shots.

It's best to ask the homeowner for permission to move items for photos before doing so.

Schedule Around Lighting

Lighting is crucial when you take pictures—whenever possible, using natural light instead of turning on lights or using a ring light is best.

Natural light makes things look best and helps photographers avoid harsh glares or shadows from showing up. They might even only need to do minor editing if the natural light is good in the home you're photographing.

For the outside of the house, shooting at night might lead to a more attractive photo. Turning on all of the lights in the house and taking pictures right when the sun goes down can make the house look warm and inviting while also setting it apart from other homes listed in the area.

So make sure your photographer has access to the home at the right time of day based on the area for your pictures to look amazing.

Only List the Best Photos

Throughout the photography session, the photographer might take hundreds of photos. But posting all of them would be a mistake. 

You don't want people to feel overwhelmed and exit the listing since they won't make it through all the pictures. Instead, give them just enough to get an idea of what the house looks like.

If they want a more in-depth look, they'll have to schedule a tour. The sweet spot is about 20 photos. So make sure you have 20 strong shots to use before ending your photography session.

Use a Drone for a Different Perspective

Drone aerial videos for real estate are one of the best ways to offer potential buyers a unique perspective of the property. Plus, not everyone takes advantage of this option, so it'll make your listing stand out online too!

Drone videos capture the house from a bird's eye view and showcase the property in a fresh way. You can even have the drone capture video just outside their property or around the neighborhood to highlight nearby attractions.

For example, if a home you're selling is a quick walk to the beach, using a drone to clearly show how close it is can make a difference for people. You might also choose to highlight nearby entertainment, shopping, parks, schools, etc.

Drone aerial video is a wonderful tool to take advantage of and help any property stand out.

Consider Staging the Home

Showcasing any home can be tricky, but it's even more complicated if the house is empty or not outfitted with furniture and decor to show it in the best way.

Situations like this are where staging comes in. 

Staging can help people picture themselves living in the home. If they can see themselves there, an emotional attachment is formed, which makes it much more likely they'll want to put in an offer.

It also showcases how the space can be utilized throughout the house. 

Ultimately, staging a house helps give people a good first impression of the property and not get distracted by gaudy furniture or decorations that don't fit the space.

One of the most significant benefits of staging is its impact on the sale price. Staging can increase people's offers by 1-5%! So taking the time to stage before you get photographs taken can lead you and the owner to make more money in the long run.

Film 3D Tours

Another way to use photography to make any home you're listing stand out is by offering 3D tours. 

These tours give people a chance to tour the space virtually while getting a feel for what it would be like to walk through the home. Viewers can see each room at their own pace and from every angle.

They can also get an accurate picture of the layout of the home. These tours are steadily growing in popularity, and houses listed without them are missing out!

What about the benefits for you? 3D tours can help you take some of your time back without sacrificing potential sales. People can still tour the house without you needing to physically be there.

Then, you can spend your time touring in person with serious buyers only. 

Aside from more free time, you can also expect to enjoy more effective promotion and the potential for quicker sales. 

Keep Pets Out of Your Pictures

If the homeowner has a pet, be sure to ask them to keep their pet away when the house gets photographed. While some people might see a cute animal and think nothing of it, it can be a problem for other people.

For example, people who don't particularly enjoy animals might see a pet and assume the home will smell bad, have damage, or be covered in animal hair.

Or, people with allergies to animals might immediately write off the house because they don't want to deal with it. 

No matter how cute a pet is, it's best if they aren't in any photos so people don't get preconceived notions about the home that may or may not be accurate. 

Make Sure Windows Are Clean

If the photographer is taking advantage of natural light throughout the shoot, the windows will be on full display as blinds or curtains are put aside.

If the windows are dirty or streaked, it can be distracting. Clean windows help bring in even more light and make a room appear larger. 

So arranging for windows to get cleaned before the photographer arrives is important. While some flaws are easily removed in editing, dirty windows are not one of them. 

Find a Photographer You Love

Having a professional photographer handle your photos saves you time and helps you focus on other aspects of your business. While trusting someone to take great photos can be stressful, taking the leap is well worth it.

Once you find a company that takes great photos for your listings, stick with them so you don't have to worry about it ever again. When you find someone you love, you have a go-to person any time you get a new house to put on the market.

Showcase the Best Real Estate Photos Possible

The better your real estate photos are for each listing, the more likely you are to sell quickly for above asking price. A home is only as good as the photos you have listed online, so following the tips mentioned here is crucial if you want to put your best foot forward.


If you'd like to take advantage of the cutting-edge technology available such as 3D tours or drone aerial videos, please click here to learn more about the services we offer agents to help create a seamless selling process.